Light signals

Green signal

This means that your crossing has been validated. You have an active AutoPASS account.

White signal

If you do not have AvtaleGiro, a white signal means that you have an outstanding and overdue bill.
If you have AvtaleGiro, it means that a new bill has been issued on your account. This white light signals that a payment request has been sent to your bank. You will see a green signal as soon as the bank has debited your account on the due date of the bill. This takes around 20 days. You can check the due date on your new bill by going to My Page.

No Signal

Vehicles that does not havea valid AutoPass-agreement will receive no signal at the time of passing. If you do not have a tag in the car, a picture of the license plate is taken and will later on be issued to you.

If you have an agreement, but doesn't get a signal

  1. You have recently signed an agreement:
    While you wait for the tag and as long as you do not have a tag in the car, you will not receive any light signal when passing through any of our toll stations. In these cases a picture of the license plate is taken and matched with any existing agreement, in this way you will still get the discount.

  2. You have a tag that is not registered:
    These are different reasons why your tag may not have been read.
    The vehicle you are driving has a windscreen that prevents the tag signals from being read, Your tag is running out of battery.
    There is a temporary fault at the toll station.
    In such cases, a picture of the license plate is taken and the passing is registered on your agreement.
    You may happily contact if you suspect there is something wrong with your tag, we will then help you to resolve the issue.

  3. You have one or more invoices that has been sent to debt collection:
    An agreement with a collection demand will automatically be closed and you will no longer receive any signal when passing through one of our toll stations.
    Contact us if you are in doubt and we will check the agreement for you. If you are unsure whether your account is valid, you can also easily check this on My Page.